About our company

The brand Profbeauty first appeared in Georgia in 2010 and has been allowing customers to quickly and easily buy more than 8000 premium quality products of up to 40 brands. The company develops year after year and makes it possible for Georgian and not only Georgian consumers to get acquainted exclusively with the world's leading brands.

It is important to note that within the framework of the partnership Profbeauty supports motivated employees in the beauty industry and helps them with career development, various trainings and retraining. This contributes significantly to the development of the beauty industry. 

At the first stage of its establishment, the company's activities included cooperation with dozens of facilities, but today it supplies more than 1300 salons, clinics, shops and pharmacy networks throughout Georgia. 

Due to its customer-centered approach, interest in Profbeauty is growing daily, which has prompted the company to actively develop all internet platforms popular in Georgia since 2019. It constantly strives to fulfil modern challenges and create quality and demanding content that creates the possibility of constant communication with the customers. 

See all Profbeauty brands on the link: PROFBEAUTY.GE