CURAPROX Baby Toothbrush

Peace, joy, teeth cleaning.

Now every child is looking forward to brushing their teeth, even at the first tooth: The bristles - very fine and very many Curen® filaments - are so gentle that a violation of the delicate oral mucous membranes is excluded. With base and rubberized brush head.

The features of the baby toothbrush:

  • Extra fine CUREN ® filaments: only 0.1 mm in diameter
  • The rubberized brush head protects the oral mucosa: injuries are excluded
  • Cleaning license: The high number of 4260 CUREN ® bristles guarantees effectiveness
  • Leads to the joy of brushing your teeth: instead of hard bristles, a gentle and joyful brushing experience
  • The cuddly toy under the toothbrushes: biofunctional and therefore naturally beneficial to growth
  • Free of harmful substances such as bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates or azo dyes, completely harmless
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