In a nutshell: the advantages in seven seconds

  • Gentle, just right: the finest Curen ® filaments
  • Efficient: close-packed Curen ® filaments
  • Reached all points: compact head, slightly angled
  • Clean at the right angle: octagonal handle

Alright? But clean slowly, with feeling!

Why is this toothbrush so enjoyable?

Maybe because of the cheerful colors. Red blue green yellow white pink black purple pink ... Or is it the color combinations with the bristles, so really cool? Or is it the design, so clear, direct and beautiful? Or because it is recommended by dental professionalsaround the world? Because she feels so gentle, so gentle? No matter why you like our CS 5460, we're really excited about it (and your teeth and gums anyway, we're sure of that). Hugs and kisses!

Bristles vs. filaments

For caries and periodontitis prophylaxis, the most important thing about the CS 5460 are the bristles. They are incredibly fine, only 0.1 millimeters in diameter, rounded off. In addition, they are not made of nylon, but of Curen ® , and that makes them particularly effective. They are so fine, we can not possibly call them bristles, they are filaments. And we do not have about a thousand of them like traditional toothbrushes: they are fabulous 5460 individual filaments, and they are close together. This results in a cleaning surface that is second to none, on an ultra-compact, slightly angled head: making it easy to reach all parts of the mouth. Well, that's the hardest opponent of plaque: the gentleness of the CS 5460.Top of Form

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